Trend Alert : My 3 Charcoal Infused Skin and Hair Care Products

By now we should all be aware of the cyclic nature of our consumerism.

 Every other year there's a recycled trend whether it's a fashion piece, a fad diet, a new* weight loss exercise program/equipment or in this case, the next big item that must be an included ingredient in your meal, skin care or hair products.

As we fade out our obsession with coconut oil & Quinoa, I noticed that Charcoal seems to be the next come back king.

Charcoal infused products are hitting the counters and even restaurants!

A 2015 new york time article titles : Charcoal Juice is Now a thing

A 2015 article by Into the Gloss : Will you like charcoal with that Juice

Keep in mind, as per with temporal trends, it's not that these are "new ideas" or products. Devotees of organic ingredients and the natural lifestyle movements have been fans of charcoal long before its current status as the "IT" ingredient.

Here are 3 charcoal infused skin and hair care products that I am currently using.

Love and Hope
I love this bath salt because it smells exactly how it is titled. Charcoal and peppermint. Keeping in mind that mint already has a cool refreshing effect on your skin or palate (minty drinks), this bath salts helps relax my tight muscles after a soccer game. The coolness of the mint leaves me refreshed after a warm bath.

Charcoal Wash Off Mask 
I have almost ran out of this mask and plan on buying a bigger version of it because that is how much I love it.
Every time I just get a feeling that my face needs some TLC, this is the product I reach for. This mask leaves my face very fresh and I always get compliments that am glowing sans makeup after using this product. It is not harsh or drying on the skin nor does it strip your face of its oil.

African Water Mint & Ginger and Detox & Refresh Scalp Elixir
Even though the description in the back says to wash it off after about 20 mins , I found myself using it as a leave in because of how refreshing it made my hair and scalp feel. I have been looking for a leave in conditioner or product that does the same thing.

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