Thrifty Thursday: Salvation Army Trip

Having recently completed a winter cleaning session, I decided to stop at my local salvation army to donate some clothes and browse around too. It's been a while since I've been out thrifting on account of I was on a tight budget and trying to be a minimalist. And also to be quiet frank, I didn't NEED anything in particular throughout the cold winter months. 

But now that the weather is warmer, its wedding season, graduation season, barbecue parties, pool parties and etc. 

Here are 3 amazing NEW! finds I got on my latest trip to the Salvation Army. Everything was 50% off the price tag so I paid around $3 for each pair of shoes and they were all brand new!

1. Just Fab Prima Thigh High boots
The irony of this find is, I have been looking every where for affordable thigh high boots that can accommodate my muscular calves. I had even gotten to the point of saving and investing $$$$$ for a luxury brand pair. This was definitely my best find from this trip.

2. W Worthington Flats
Perfect for adding colour to my spring and summer wardrobe

3. Target Mossimo Nude Pearce Pumps
Perfect  comfortable heels for work and I love the nude tone because you can pair it with anything.
So the lesson here is, you never know what gem you'll find in a thrift store but you definitely need to take your time to sort through everything and inspect it carefully so you don't end up with a damaged product.

Happy thrifting!

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