Fire and Ice - Boston Restaurant Review

Address205 Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02116

My colleagues and I went to this location because it was conveniently located across our job site (John Hancock Building).

At Fire and Ice, you can either select something from the menu or pay a fix price for the unlimited buffet option.

The way the buffet works is, you create your own meal by selecting from the different food groups; spices, proteins, vegetables, carbs and etc .

It reminds me of the The Big Chow Grill in Smyrna, Ga my former neighborhood in Atlanta. 

This is a safe way to try different spices or combinations without "losing money" on a meal you end up not enjoying.

I'm not sure if I will recommend this option to someone who doesn't know how to cook or doesn't know how to combine different food groups. But with that said, I asked the chef for ideas when I was trying to create my seafood plates because I don't typically cook fish.

Affordability: ✔✔✔✔
College students get a discount on College nights (Fri/Sat)

It's super cheap and especially keeping in mind that it's unlimited buffet with quality healthy options including vegetarian options for making a burger, tofu etc

I will mention that the dessert bar  and drink menu is not included and is a separate charge.

We had so much fun we're planning on going back at the end of the month.

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