Easter 2017 Road Trip Dallas to Vegas

The past couple of years, I've spent every Easter in Boston because I wanted to be around the city and take part in the Boston Marathon events. This year, I decided to break that tradition and do something a little bit different by going on a road trip.

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With the introductions of planes and the ability to shop for discounted tickets, it seems like the road trip culture in america is dying out, or at least skewing to extreme ends.

By extreme ends I mean on one hand you do have a new trend of backpackers and people living out of buses, vans, SUVs & RVs or tiny mobile homes.
And then on the other extreme end, those who are too busy to take the scenic interstate highways routes and prefer a red eye nonstop flight because it will get them to their destination faster.
Add to that the trend of international travel being desirable for many than going on a road trip to local national landmarks.

I feel like am a combination of both. I don't like to take a day off work just to travel so I try to be efficient with my time. In this case, flying nonstop into Dallas after work at night, obviously. But then if there is an opportunity for me to see more and experience more on a road trip, I take advantage of that too.

One day I'll like to either back pack or get an RV or even better a tiny mobile home! and drive it across america. I feel like I'll need to take some kind of technical "how to" class before hitting the road so I don't die on the highway lol.

My road trip started with a night flight into Dallas with pit stop drives and sight seeings through;

✔️Amarillo, Texas

With a belly full of more steak than I have eaten in months, we hit the road again, this time heading towards   

✔️Albuquerque, New Mexico

We spent the night in 

✔️Gallup, New Mexico

and finally made it to VEGAS! the next day in time for Good Friday :)

✔️Henderson, Las Vegas

It's so hard to stay active and disciplined on the road especially when I feel like I have the huge responsibility of trying out local cuisines sans counting calories.

There is so much to see and do in Vegas off the strip. Don't be fooled by all the marketing hype. Vegas can be family friendly and quiet . There is a lot more to do OFF the strip than on the strip, who's novelty wears off after about 2 days of 24/7 bright lite casinos.

My favourite motto for this spring season is, whatever you seek, you will find. If you're looking for a peaceful sanctuary, you can find that in Vegas. If you're looking for the night life scene, you will also find that.

(Grand Valley Ranch Resort and Spa)

(Elephant Bar)

(Sunset Station Hotel Casino)

But then you know....after everything thing your gal still caught a flight back home to Boston from McCarran International Airport in Nevada through utah in time for the BOSTON MARATHON!!!

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