April 11, 2017

Boston Marathon Youth Jamboree 2017

I had the opportunity to volunteer for this amazing event for kids through one of our fellow BGR- Boston member.

It's so important to introduce kids at an early age to athletics and the fitness lifestyle. Beyond it's health benefits, I find that being part of a team, learning to invest and work hard towards a goal builds great character.

 But even with all that hard work, 

you learn that you will not always win. 

You learn to accept defeat with grace.

To portray good sportsmanship.

To respect the talent of others

Running and working out in general has this unique ability to build your mental stamina.

Sometimes, when am going through a rough time with life in general, I use my running mental states  as a barometer to gauge if this is something I can overcome or if it's time to quit.

If the stress level doesn't measure up to be more than what I've experienced in a long distance workout, I don't quit, because I know somewhere within me lies the power to overcome.

Speaking of running, I finally received my medal from the BGR February race. My first medal for the year. As much as I hate that the price of races have significantly gone up over the years due to all these new fad races, maybe this year I should sign up for more races. 

I  don't care much one way or another for medals . At the end of the day, I just want to be able to strap on my shoes, step out the door and be able to go on a nice long run.

I just want to stay healthy, fit and strong.

In a class of her own, the nationally renowned Marilyn Bevans.

Here is a runner's world article on her accomplishment.

Bevans was the first sub-three-hour, African-American female marathoner.

With Olympic Athlete Femita Ayanbeku

Volunteering for events like this is a gentle reminder that I am a role model and have to lead by example by practicing what I preach.

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