Hitting the Reset Button : Taking Stock of February 2017

Life is funny.

I had this ambitious idea like everyone else to hit the ground running at the beginning of the new year. 

Don't have outlandish goals but all the same have a list of top three things you really want to tackle.

1. Blog more ( 4 posts a month, once a week) fail

2.  Be more conscious about your healthy living choices (leave it as a broad idea with/out too much pressure on accountability) and include things like making time to date.  fail

3.  Make career focused decisions, learn new skills of my trade 

Looking back on January and part of February, I can't seem to put my hand on anything tangible I have accomplished so far. 
But I've been busy working, to the point of exhaustion.
Living out of hotel rooms and not exactly making the best food choices while on the road.

And now I find myself wondering if am just "being busy" or authentically being productive?

I want a do-over and the great thing about that is, everyday is an opportunity to start over. To start afresh. To put your mistakes behind you, take the lessons learned and move forward.
That's where I am almost 2 months into this year.
I want to reset and relaunch🚀 and that's OKAY.
And even when mistakes are not made, if you try and fail its okay to try again. There are no life rules or penalties against restarts.

I know some will argue that 6 weeks is not enough time to judge your progress but I believe it's relative to the standard you've set for your goals & deadlines. I do think for me, between the election results and the Falcons losing the Superbowl and a whole bunch of other emotional social distractions in between like the civil unrest in my home country, Cameroon, I've allowed it all to suck me dry of motivation or the will to be productive. Now am so over it, and ready to get back my visions and dreams.

I've kept busy so I don't have to sit down and "think"

(I attended the Boston Women's March)

Where are you mentality? and How is that working out for you? 
Send me a tweet and let's chat @mapetiteniche 

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