3 Top Apps and Fitness Trends for 2017

This is more of a list of the ones I am curious about , don't own the devices and will like to test them out this year.

1. Aqua Exercises

I know it was popular back in 2013 and 2014 but is it making a comeback? I have yet to take a class but hopefully I can find a health club in Boston that offers classes like hydro spinning and etc

Also, not related but I will like to sign up for a soul cycle class someday!

2. Wearable Technology
I think am more interested in apparels like the sports bra [OMSignal] that monitors your heart rate as oppose to gadgets. I still don't see the point of owning a smart watch, if you already own a smartphone, a smart tablet and a smart desktop 
[which is my current situation]

Perhaps if I did not already own a smartphone and tablet, splurging on a smartwatch will make sense. But since I am with my phone 24/7 and have access to the apps on my phone, i don't see the point of a watch that does the same thing!

I am curious though, 
how will you keep the tech apparels clean?
Special dry cleaning instructions?

Right now, what am seeing from companies like Athos and Lumos are little tracking devices that you insert into their company apparels that have been designed to have a fitting pocket for the tracker. Now that tracking devices have graduated from belts your strap across your chest to monitor heart rate to micro chips , it will be interesting to see the evolution of design to the point where we can just insert them into our skin. 
Think about it, how will that be any different from the birth control arm implant? With the except of being able to transfer signals/frequency to say, a cell phone app.

3. Workout Reward Programs
There's a new trend of workout reward programs being developed to sort of motivate people into staying fit. Some of the programs/apps I will like to test out are Charity Miles since I already run weekly. It will be nice to raise money for non profit organizations while doing what's nothing short of beneficial for your health.

And to make money 
[ who doesn't want a side opportunity to earn "fun" cash] 
I will like to try out Diet Bet, Gym Pact and Healthy Wage. This will be a good way to earn money for all those trendy races registration fees that are getting more and more expensive. 
I thought running was suppose to be the cheapest sport in the industry.

What new trends are you excited to test out in 2017?
Leave me your responses on my twitter handle 


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