Bike Blender

What IS the purpose of a bike blender?

Is it practical?

Without knowing anything about the history of the "invention" of this product and its practical use, it's safe to assume that this will be a good device for those living in regions that have limited electricity.

For me I envision its use in a village setting in my home country of cameroon. But I don't understand the practical "fitness" part of biking beyond the physics of it serving as a "motor" system for the blender. Allowing one to blend up not just smoothies but spices for cooking.

Beyond that, the average villager's lifestyle is pretty active because they do a lot of manual labour and walk many kilometers due to the lack of  affordable public transportation. 
So is this just a first world fad gadget?
Who buys this product?
And how do they put it to use?
Is the objective to be able to achieve some level of fitness goal with this?
or is it a just for the fun of it, gadget?

New England Fall - Maine Edition

New England is so beautiful in the fall.
It's one of those things that is difficult to explain and no picture can do it justice better than you taking it in with your own eyes.

From Vermont to Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, I've had the opportunity to visit all of these states.

During a short work trip to Kingfield, Maine, I decided to check out IRA mountain overlook, not far away from my "hotel", the Herbert Grand Hotel.

I also went further down to the Sugarloaf Resort in Carrabassett Valley , where I purchased a day pass so I could use the fitness center, pool and jacuzzi since my hotel which seemed more like a B&B from the 1950s was lacking in all those amenities.

It was nice to explore what little I could of Kingfield, Maine. I ate at the longfellow's restaurant, which is basically right across the street from the Herbert Grand Hotel. I decided to be touristy and had the Longfellow burger which was pretty delicious.
I can't wait to drive down to vermont and see all the foliage in full bloom.

Happy Fall Season and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Trend Alert : My 3 Charcoal Infused Skin and Hair Care Products

By now we should all be aware of the cyclic nature of our consumerism.

 Every other year there's a recycled trend whether it's a fashion piece, a fad diet, a new* weight loss exercise program/equipment or in this case, the next big item that must be an included ingredient in your meal, skin care or hair products.

As we fade out our obsession with coconut oil & Quinoa, I noticed that Charcoal seems to be the next come back king.

Charcoal infused products are hitting the counters and even restaurants!

A 2015 new york time article titles : Charcoal Juice is Now a thing

A 2015 article by Into the Gloss : Will you like charcoal with that Juice

Keep in mind, as per with temporal trends, it's not that these are "new ideas" or products. Devotees of organic ingredients and the natural lifestyle movements have been fans of charcoal long before its current status as the "IT" ingredient.

Here are 3 charcoal infused skin and hair care products that I am currently using.

Love and Hope
I love this bath salt because it smells exactly how it is titled. Charcoal and peppermint. Keeping in mind that mint already has a cool refreshing effect on your skin or palate (minty drinks), this bath salts helps relax my tight muscles after a soccer game. The coolness of the mint leaves me refreshed after a warm bath.

Charcoal Wash Off Mask 
I have almost ran out of this mask and plan on buying a bigger version of it because that is how much I love it.
Every time I just get a feeling that my face needs some TLC, this is the product I reach for. This mask leaves my face very fresh and I always get compliments that am glowing sans makeup after using this product. It is not harsh or drying on the skin nor does it strip your face of its oil.

African Water Mint & Ginger and Detox & Refresh Scalp Elixir
Even though the description in the back says to wash it off after about 20 mins , I found myself using it as a leave in because of how refreshing it made my hair and scalp feel. I have been looking for a leave in conditioner or product that does the same thing.

Summer 2017 Photo Diary

How is everyone's summer going?

I've been trying to soak up all my summer experiences and be in the moment instead of obsessing over cataloging everything to instantly share on social media. 

Now that I've had a moment to decompress, here's a brief photo diary of what I've been up to this summer.

I also took a 10 days missions trip to Ecuador, but that requires a complete post of its own about my experience which by the way, am still decompressing from.

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Thrifty Thursday: Salvation Army Trip

Having recently completed a winter cleaning session, I decided to stop at my local salvation army to donate some clothes and browse around too. It's been a while since I've been out thrifting on account of I was on a tight budget and trying to be a minimalist. And also to be quiet frank, I didn't NEED anything in particular throughout the cold winter months. 

But now that the weather is warmer, its wedding season, graduation season, barbecue parties, pool parties and etc. 

Here are 3 amazing NEW! finds I got on my latest trip to the Salvation Army. Everything was 50% off the price tag so I paid around $3 for each pair of shoes and they were all brand new!

1. Just Fab Prima Thigh High boots
The irony of this find is, I have been looking every where for affordable thigh high boots that can accommodate my muscular calves. I had even gotten to the point of saving and investing $$$$$ for a luxury brand pair. This was definitely my best find from this trip.

2. W Worthington Flats
Perfect for adding colour to my spring and summer wardrobe

3. Target Mossimo Nude Pearce Pumps
Perfect  comfortable heels for work and I love the nude tone because you can pair it with anything.
So the lesson here is, you never know what gem you'll find in a thrift store but you definitely need to take your time to sort through everything and inspect it carefully so you don't end up with a damaged product.

Happy thrifting!

Okwele Series 2017: "The Cameroon We Don't Know"

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the 2nd edition of the Okwele North  America Series

The theme of the series was
 "The Cameroon We Don't Know"

Usually while attending networking events or conferences, I am very deliberate in targeting only panels that engage my interest. 
This time around, I choose to be open minded and attended every discussion session. This was definitely a good decision because I thoroughly enjoyed being part of every session in this series . By the end of the weekend, I was so inspired and full of hope my home country, Cameroon.

Friday night was an informal meet and greet with conversations about pursuing careers outside of the traditional norm.

And on Saturday morning, we got inspired into the day by the amazing keynote speaker Monsieur Jean Victor Nkolo. The only thing I regret not doing is taping his whole speech so I could play it over and over and over again on my headset every time life gets me down and I just need a pep talk. 

He was incredible and I could honestly listen to him speak all day.

He stressed the importance of understanding the history of a country , to know where it's coming from, where it currently stands and what needs to be done for the future. History is so important to avoid repeating the same mistakes and to understand why things currently stand as they do.

The next session touched on hidden opportunities and doing business in Cameroon. It was eye opening to hear from Madelle Kangha who runs a non-profit organisation in cameroon and Henry Nsang , a civil engineer with a construction management company also in cameroon. We also heard from Maryanne Mokoko, the designer behind Koko Nanga. Maryanne spoke on how her foundation in architecture are skill sets that she uses as both a fashion designer and Financial IT specialist. 

I was very impressed with stanley enow's articulation of the music industry and his journey into success.
There's a certain intelligence bias/stereotype about rappers or the entertainment industry in general . Am glad to see him break those stereotypes, whether it's with his lyrics, creating his own label or diversifying his brand.

After lunch, we did a problem solving workshop . The goal was to get us to come up with  specific solution to a specific social problem in Cameroon. The idea was to take a big concept and break it down to an elementary level. My team worked on creating an app for safe driving in Cameroon

The second guest speaker, professor Parfait Eloundou Enyegue, had me reconsidering a career in the poplation sciences with his in depth presentation on how a country's development ( or lack thereof), shapes it's population growth and wealth distribution. And he also talks about where does the immigrant who is trying to return home (Africa) after being abroad for many years, fit back into the society.
It was fascinating to see how the study of populations ties into development etc

Lastly, was the panel on the anglophone problem and I think in summary, everyone in the room disagreed on the government's decision to cut off internet. It would have been nice to get the perspective of someone on the ground, someone who was directly impacted by that decision but I understand, we live abroad and are limited in that scope.

The series wrapped up and we ended up closing the evening at the popular Miracles of Science, in Cambridge.

Here are my takeaways from the series based on my interactions with  others or just listening to the panelists.

✦✦Don't be scared to try something new or failing. 
Failing is part of the process.

✦✦Think outside the typical career paths. Or even in those traditional roles, think bigger. For example, you can just be a doctor in a hospital or you can one day run your own clinic or ER facility.

✦✦Stanley Enow implored those who want to come home, to come home with a desire to serve instead of to be served, or an attitude that you are better than those who don't have a foreign education

✦✦ Connections isnt everything if you don't know how to hardness your networks.

✦✦ At the foundation level, your skills are transferable. Don't put your self in a box when you can me multi-talented.


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