Millet : The Next Nutrition Grain Fad

Is millet making a come back as the next "fad" grain in the west? It had made an appearance a couple of years ago but not an overwhelming one.
 I say that because while it will be considered a "new" hype thing in america , its a very common staple in other parts of the world.

I grew up eating millet fufu every day in the far north province of cameroon and it's still one of my favourite carbohydrates staples outside of rice. Nothing can deliver me from the love of jellof.

It will be interesting to see the western take on millet.

 How it's going to be "re branded"...

 As a granule topping for yogurt? 
a healthy cereal?
 a healthy cereal bar? 
a powder that can be used to make a power morning shake?
millet fruit salad anyone?
millet pasta?
millet cookies?
millet flavoured water?

I just finished a box of millet cereal and had mixed feelings about it. Millet has a distinct taste and the challenge will be to find ingredients that it can marinate and blend well in. I felt like the cereal tried to hide the taste by adding sugar/honey granules but it didn't work.

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