Fall Fitness Routine 2016

Last year I ran a lot during the fall. It's my favourite weather to run in because the crisp cold air keeps you cool as your body temperature heats up. Also, running in the woods surrounded by lakes is a beautiful way to enjoy New England picturesque nature and observe the changes in leaves colours.

This year am switching things up a little bit.

Cardio: I signed up for indoor soccer twice a week. I try to not take too many breaks and work really hard when am in the game because I do want to use it not just as a fun activity but a workout.

Strength Training:

 I'm doing more toning exercises by using YouTube videos  for at home routines using 10lbs free weights. Specifically I reference ToneItUp, who post daily exercise routines that are to be done in 31 repetitions. Currently , they have an ongoing challenge (till the end of the year) and while I am not formerly participating in the challenge, I still perform some of the routines on my own.

The cross punch laying down with free weights

Inspiration: Fitness and Wellness Coach Gideon Akande. I am loving all the free body weight routines suggestions he posts on his facebook page

New Move loving:
The Sprinter's Start Low Lunge( as an exercise ), which I discovered from Gideon's Facebook page.

Nutrition habit: I am trying to cut back on my caffeine consumption by starting my day with a cup of any tea with drops of lemon juice. So that by the time I transition to coffee by brunch time I've only had one cup. The idea is sometimes just having something "warm" to mimic my coffee consumption habit will hopefully trick my brain into thinking am having coffee when in actuality am not.

What are your fall fitness/wellness routines?
Submit your answers at my twitter account @mapetiteniche or respond below

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