My Harvest Month Shopping Cart

October has been such a harvest month full of blessings for me.
I am very grateful to everyone who's shown me love during this season
And it's with this state of mind that I decided to go grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping is no different from eating out when it comes to making healthy food choices

If you go shopping when you're in a sad mood or in a rush, you're more likely to stock up on comfort sugary or salty foods like chips, ice cream and everything chocolate. 

On the other hand, if the trip is carefully thought out and planned when you're surrounded by positive vibes, you're more likely to be conscious about;
What you're buying, 
 Reading Food labels
 Coupons and discounts so you're saving $$$
Meal planning ideas for bring a lunch bag to work

I decided to go shopping because I'd been eating out a lot lately. 

It's so easy to just eat out or grab something on the go when you live alone and have a crazy work schedule

But when you add it all up, spending $20-$35 on a lunch or dinner meal at a restaurant after you've most likely already spent $7 - $10 for a breakfast bagel with coffee can become an expensive habit.

I've never understood why we consumers will willingly pay $5 for a breakfast bagel with cream cheese when we could go to the grocery store and buy a whole bag of 5 - 8 bagels that will last you a week for the same price?!

Or pay $4 for a Starbucks coffee when we could spend less buy brewing coffee at home and using a travel mug

My goal for this FALL season is to spent more time in my kitchen.
Specifically use my crock pot to its maximum capacity!
I don't believe in dietary restrictions unless its for allergies or medical reasons.
I believe that eating everything in moderation while keeping in mind how they affect the body, is a good practice to live by.

Ive watched so many fads come and go in the western worlds and we are still not living any older or healthier than other countries.

What habits are you focusing on this Fall Season? With less than 3 months shy of the end of the year, how are those new year resolutions coming along?

Leave your responses on my twitter @mapetiteniche or my google+ +Mapetiteniche Wellness 

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