Acai Bowl - Fall Edition

This post isn't so much about 
how to make an acai bowl
(which you can google a million different recipes based on your dietary needs  or just purchase one like me)
 but it is about my ramblings/opinions of this new nutrition fad*

What Is an Acai Bowl?
How does is differ from a smoothie? Juice? Protein Shake?

Components of the typical acai bowl
peanut butter

Or is it just the same basic smoothie with supplements that has been repackaged, renamed, and re branded to sound like a nutritional elixir that fell off the heavens? or planet mars?
given that the seeds are from the mythical amazon jungles of Brazil?
This particular version i'm having, the acia primo bowl from jamba juice, is delicious. It's a perfect frozen bowl for summer weather or after a hot sweaty fall workout. I wouldn't reach for it during the cold weather unless I am hot and need something to cool me down. 

We started with the oatmeal trend, then we had the flax seed and  later quinoa trend and now the acai berries trend. Next will be the millet grains trend which I have already started to see being talked about in nutrition coaching circles.

I enjoyed eating millet as a child in the northern regions of  Cameroon. My curiosity can't wait to read about the fairy tale  branding spin the nutrition blogs are about to put on this upcoming fad.

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