HUSK Restaurant - Charleston, South Carolina

76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

I wonder how the owners derived the name for this 

quaint restaurant on queen's street.

Of course, Husk, being synonymous to Tusks  reminded me of 

Elephants 🐘 


I loved everything about the restaurant. From the decor, to the staff's blue jeans shirts, it oozed of southern charm.

Because we had a large party, we where invited to the upstairs rooms. The only negative was the sitting arrangement. Even though our reservations was booked with specific requirements which we were reassured could be accommodated, that didn't happen.

Do Drink

Barrel aged Manhattan.
(We gave it time to do what it does. Our take on the Manhattan with Whiskey, Vermouth and bitters. Barrel rested for 30 days)

 At a price point of $16, it might sound expensive but trust me it was worth it! It will be the only drink you need. Not only was it well blended but it was STRONG.
 It's equivalent to having 3 regular mixers which basically adds up to the same price or even more. I got the buzz I needed to continue on our afternoon bachelorette Party adventures

Do try this appetizer

Crispy Pig's Ears

The name speaks for itself. As unhealthy as it is delicious. We all know the south is known for deep frying everything and everything deep fried tastes delicious. That's the whole point!
Accompanied with a ranch vinaigrette, it was the perfect appetizer to have over our drinks while we waited for our main course.

Do Eat this Entree

Shrimp and Grits

I love seasoning in my food.
 With that said, I was concerned the grits will be too bland for my taste.
As with everything in this restaurant it was so well seasoned I had to muster a lot of my lady-like table manners to restrain myself from ordering another serving or 2 or 3 of this dish.

 The online reviews are true.
Husk is definitely a must go to place for a bite while in Charleston.

Bonne Appetite.

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