5 New Artists in my summer 2016 workout Playlist

I got tired of listening to my playlists. They were no longer providing the motivation needed to get over my running "humps". 

So I asked  a friend to make me one based on the songs in his collection. While I know that many music apps exist like Pandora and 8 tracks, I still prefer having ♫ files for those days when I find myself in a dead zone with no reception.

Listening to your friend's playlists 
is a great way to be introduced to new songs, artists or genre of music. 

Here are the songs/artists I've recently discovered through this exchange.

1. NaĆ«lle, A french artist and her song Kontrole'

2. Salif Kieta from Mali and his song Iniagige

3. Haifa Wehbe from  Lebanon and her song Yabn El Halal

4. Oxmo Puccino , a Hip Hop artist from Mali. I like Peur Noir and many of his other songs

5. Coco Argentee from Cameroon and her song Fallait Pas is nostalgic because it reminds me of the time we lived in Yaounde

What new songs or artists have you added into your summer workout playlist to spice things up?

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