Yoga Poses for Relaxation

I've been doing these poses lately, especially after a long day of work. They help relax my thigh and leg muscles in general. These are all beginner level poses and don't forget to use blocks for assistance when needed

Disclaimer: Am no expert, just a student striving to improve daily

1. Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall)

2.Toe Squat

For the toe squat , My thighs should be completely horizontal with my butt slightly grazing the heel but I was too tight to achieve that pose.

3.Hero Pose

4. Supine Bound Angle

5 New Artists in my summer 2016 workout Playlist

I got tired of listening to my playlists. They were no longer providing the motivation needed to get over my running "humps". 

So I asked  a friend to make me one based on the songs in his collection. While I know that many music apps exist like Pandora and 8 tracks, I still prefer having ♫ files for those days when I find myself in a dead zone with no reception.

Listening to your friend's playlists 
is a great way to be introduced to new songs, artists or genre of music. 

Here are the songs/artists I've recently discovered through this exchange.

1. NaΓ«lle, A french artist and her song Kontrole'

2. Salif Kieta from Mali and his song Iniagige

3. Haifa Wehbe from  Lebanon and her song Yabn El Halal

4. Oxmo Puccino , a Hip Hop artist from Mali. I like Peur Noir and many of his other songs

5. Coco Argentee from Cameroon and her song Fallait Pas is nostalgic because it reminds me of the time we lived in Yaounde

What new songs or artists have you added into your summer workout playlist to spice things up?

HUSK Restaurant - Charleston, South Carolina

76 Queen St, Charleston, SC 29401

I wonder how the owners derived the name for this 

quaint restaurant on queen's street.

Of course, Husk, being synonymous to Tusks  reminded me of 

Elephants πŸ˜ 


I loved everything about the restaurant. From the decor, to the staff's blue jeans shirts, it oozed of southern charm.

Because we had a large party, we where invited to the upstairs rooms. The only negative was the sitting arrangement. Even though our reservations was booked with specific requirements which we were reassured could be accommodated, that didn't happen.

Do Drink

Barrel aged Manhattan.
(We gave it time to do what it does. Our take on the Manhattan with Whiskey, Vermouth and bitters. Barrel rested for 30 days)

 At a price point of $16, it might sound expensive but trust me it was worth it! It will be the only drink you need. Not only was it well blended but it was STRONG.
 It's equivalent to having 3 regular mixers which basically adds up to the same price or even more. I got the buzz I needed to continue on our afternoon bachelorette Party adventures

Do try this appetizer

Crispy Pig's Ears

The name speaks for itself. As unhealthy as it is delicious. We all know the south is known for deep frying everything and everything deep fried tastes delicious. That's the whole point!
Accompanied with a ranch vinaigrette, it was the perfect appetizer to have over our drinks while we waited for our main course.

Do Eat this Entree

Shrimp and Grits

I love seasoning in my food.
 With that said, I was concerned the grits will be too bland for my taste.
As with everything in this restaurant it was so well seasoned I had to muster a lot of my lady-like table manners to restrain myself from ordering another serving or 2 or 3 of this dish.

 The online reviews are true.
Husk is definitely a must go to place for a bite while in Charleston.

Bonne Appetite.

Copa America Centenario Finale 2016

 Argentina vs Chile

I was in Atlanta during the Copa finale and you already know.... the ONE.....the ONLY... the BEST... place to watch soccer games in the city is Fado's Irish Pub. 

Atlanta has 2 locations but I went to the 273 Buckhead Ave location with some college mates

New Friends were made

Drinks where drank

Chants where screamed out loud by both fans

I was rooting for whoever was buying me shots for the night
And by the end of the night as you already know it...

Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le! won

(Picture Credit: TotalSportek)

The next day was operations recovery brunch at Corner Bakery Cafe on Peach tree street by Lennox Mall before catching my flight back to Boston.

The best part of the cafe was my server Yvonne who is well known for giving out free hugs and sending you off with a blessing to have a wonderful day.

So if you're ever in need of a free Hug, go see Yvonne :)

Taking Stock at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Excited & Nervous about the goals  planned for the reminder of the year. 6 months to go!

How to be a better person

My value and cherry picking those I invite into a friendship or partnership

Tough decisions. Business over pleasure.

Mangoes this summer. I've been daydreaming of our homes in Maroua, Cameroon a lot recently. We lived next to mango farms and My friends and I spent a lot of time stealing  mangoes from them.

Trying to cook more vegetables and less carbs 


I'm about to start reading When Breath Becomes Air. Waiting for it from my local library

Summer league Soccer! Futbol! 
Did you guys catch the Copa Finale? Chi! chi! chi! Le! Le! Le!

On studying for my exams. Like seriously I need a whooping for that one

Wasting Time
On insignificant people with their time wasting ulterior motives

 A new Instagram account with a wellness consultant branding approach. 

 The weather. New England takes its weathers seriously. Winter is for snarly snow storms as much as Summer is for gorgeous blue skies and beaches

 Not If but When I'll be achieving my goals.

Loving: My life the way it's carved out right now. 
A mind at peace is priceless

 To fall in love with the right person

To kiss and cuddleπŸ’‘ 

 My stinking sweaty workout clothes. Ive been trying to regain my 2011 body

Skirts and shorts. When are they going to invent clothes that emits air conditioning?

Over Rum. Rum with a friend is an insta-giggle fest

European & Caribbean cities to visit

I hope you enjoyed this little fun exercise with me. If you do one, please share with me on my twitter @mapetiteniche

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