Tea Time with Shonda Rhimes (Year of Yes Book Review)

Let's just get to the Point. I loooooved the book! The End 

But if you're one of those logical, analytical people who wants explanations and hard core evidence as back up, continue reading :)

I'm use to reading fictions and self help books. I took me a minute to get into the book because the tone was very conversational. With self help books, even though there is dialogue happening and interactive exercises for you to do along the way, the tones are still for the most part formal conversations.

Year to Yes felt like an organic conversation with a best friend after/during the consumption of several bottles of wine. Everything was left on the table. The honesty was raw and unapologetic.

At a point I felt slightly uncomfortable because I felt like she was sharing too much of her insecurities.

But I quickly realized that wasn't the issue.
The issue is that am not used to seeing women in power talk about their vulnerability. I'm not use to reading in magazines or watching interviews in which they admit that they are not super women. That behind them is a team of superheroes working behind the scenes and all we get to see is the final product*

For the interactive reader, this book is great because she makes a lot of references to real life events/moments that make you pause your reading to go re-watch the videos of those moments on YouTube.
For me, re-watching those clips or interviews of her, after reading her explanation of what was honestly happening behind the scenes gave me a new appreciation of her honesty.

This book is a gentle reminder that, even as you look up to some celebrities as your role model, remember that they have teams and extensive resources at their disposal. 
Something many of us do not have. 
Don't be so hard on yourself and your shortcomings.

For now am not sharing what I've been inspired to say YES to but I still am curious to know what you've been inspired to say yes to. Leave your comments on my twitter handle @mapetiteniche 

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