Hey Babe, Don't Drink It

I am a sucker for monthly beauty subscriptions (Thanks Ipsy!)
and more importantly, am a sucker for scrubs. As long as Ipsy continues to provide me with 5 new beauty goodies curated to my taste every month for the meager price of $10, I will continue to be a die-hard fan of Michelle Phan

 I received this coffee scrub  through my June Ipsy subscription bag. 
It looks and smells like coffee but I haven't been tempted to taste it yet.

I have never met a scrub that I didnt like and even when I am not in love with the composition, there's nothing a little bit of honey, sugar, salt, lime or olive/coconut oil can't fix 

" Hey Babe, this is a coffee scrub. Don't drink it, Rub it on your bod"

(I depotted? the contents into a old mini scrub jar )

Why do I love scrubs?
I love scrubs because sometimes good old basic soap and water doesn't cut it.
Scrubs by nature "scrub away" the tough junk that's still hanging around after a regular cleaning.
Scrubs go beyond the surphace and depending on the ingredients in a particular brand, they not only cleanse but serve as rejuvenating, moisturizing elem nets. They get rid of old scaly, sun burnt skin and provide an enriched foundation for new skin to grow on.

How do I use scrubs?
I use them all over my body BUT i do use them more frequently on my face. I get a lot of compliments about how clear and good my skin looks and my secret weapon is scrubs! 
Since I don't have sensitive skin, any brand from high end to low end usually does the job for me. Whether it has chemicals components  or natural based, I tend to always have good results with facial scrubs. 

What scrubs are you loving for summertime's  hot & dry weather?

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