Let's Catch Up : April Showers bring May Flowers

April was wet & cold as expected.
 But it's now May and am still wet and cold; not expected. 

It's easy to allow yourself to get sucked into the gloominess of the weekly rainy days but I choose not to.

I could never live in Seattle. I love the sun. I love being outdoors. And will always try to find joy and fun activities to do despite the weather.

I went to Dave and Busters after more than a year's hiatus & was quickly reminded why I need to stay away from it and instead go to Vegas. At least in sin city there's the probability of me wining my hard earned money back.

 Do casino video games exists? I mean I know about the 25c game machines in Vegas, which is how I usually gamble but I don't remember seeing games that will allow me to earn money while playing street fighter or killing zombies or maneuvering the force in star wars? I think I need to go back to Vegas or next door to  Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for "research" purposes.

(Dave and Busters in Woburn)

During April school vacation, I also went to the Aleppo Shriners circuit event . It was my first time learning about this organisation and it's members. I was blown away by their welcoming spirit and just humbled by their mission.

Here is an insert from their website where you can learn more about them and all the amazing things they do for their communities. 

"The Shrine is best known for its colorful parades, its distinctive red fez, and its official 

philanthropy, the Shriners Hospitals for Children, which is often called "the heart and soul 

of the Shrine."  

Members of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine for North America are 

members of the Masonic Order and adhere to the principles of Freemasonry

 -- Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth."

If you are one of those weird* people scared of clowns, you need to stay away from their auditorium. I have never seen so many clowns in my life! and I loved them all.


I attended the Fit-bit community boot camp and yoga event in Boston at the SOWA power station.

To be honest, I almost skipped out on this event for a Tabata class at my gym because I felt a little bit apprehensive of what to expect. 

Boot-camp and yoga with other boston fitness lovers? 

What if I was the only one who couldn't keep up? 

The only one who couldn't strike that fancy asana pose with fluidity? 

The only one who was chunky and out of shape?

Turns out I had an amazing time! 

I wasnt expecting so many people to show up but am glad they did. They came in all shapes and forms and fitness levels.
 There was something very motivating about being in that power station, huffing and puffing and pushing yourself to the limit with everyone else. The boot camp instructor was very lively and the onsite dj just took it to another level. 
I felt like I was at the club.

The event closed up with a very relaxing yoga session to calm us down from the high intensity cardio boot camp.

I'm already looking forward to the next community summer events

  • May 12 6:30pm at the Boston Commons 

  • June 12  Running & Yoga at Yoga Works in Comm A

  • If you live in Boston you should definitely sign up! For one thing it's free and for another things it's going to be fun with a chance to win some goodies. At this event the first 100 people to arrive got free yoga mats. I didn't want one since I already have a collection of mats. My wish is to one day win a fit-bit.


                              (Break heart reservation)
    I am constantly on the lookout for new hiking trails. As the weather clears up and gets warmer, I will be doing more hikes and trail running to stay cool. My dark skin tone doesn't need any more tanning.



    I discovered a new sandwich place in my latest favorite place to hangout ; Assembly Rowe. 
    Which Wich makes massive sandwiches with a cool concept of how you select and place your order. I also like that they have a community partnership outreach program called ProjectPBJ

    I don't know if its a "thing" but I noticed that people will draw cool art works on their brown bags and post it on the community bulletin boards.
    It's similar to subway but it takes the whole sandwich customization to a whole new level. I also feel like you get more options about exactly what you want in your sandwich because you write it down.

    picture source:  Broox.com

    picture source: Arkansas Online

    What's your favourite sandwich place?
    Do you like it hot or  cold?
    Veggy? Vegan or Meat lover?

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