About that Instagram Life

I use to have instagram but I deleted it either 2 years ago or at the beginning of last year.
I told myself this year that I will relaunch it with a more professional approach (strictly for health and wellness related posts) for business opportunities. Yet it seems every time I sit down to plan it out, I am very discouraged.

Instagram use to be fascinating because like the current periscope live app, it was people posting instant pictures of their lives with no ability to edit it. First came the filters, then the ability to upload pictures from a saved gallery. Now you can also post 15 second videos even though some of those videos where shot for more than 4 hrs with another 4 hours of editing involved to bring it down to a highly refined 15 secs clip.

The personal problem I have with instagram is that nothing is real anymore. Most pictures are editorial shoots or videos that have gone through several editing professional software before the final picture selected from a thousand samples is posted.

I say its a personal problem because my reactions is based on my personal believes.  I understand that not every body cares that the pictures are edited. The reason I fell in love with social media was because it use to be normal people doing normal things. We all know that celebrities have glam squads who's job is to make them look flawless. To hide their imperfections be it with plastic surgeries, good make up or photo manipulating skills.   

Social media started off depicting the lives of everyday people who made life look flawless without a team of professionals. BUT that has now changed.Every popular social media personality is doing exactly what the stars are doing. The only difference is, they are playing all those roles (facial contouring artists, photographer, photo-editor, etc) on their own.

I don't know that they are in essence doing anything "wrong" because the "likes' the pictures get are just points that can be converted to business opportunities to work with brands online. Am just stuck in this "old" mentality of honesty and transparency which sometimes isn't relevant to social media. It's synonymous to the idea of taking short cuts to success. 

Is it wrong to take short cuts? Is it "morally" wrong to have plastic surgery to cut off all the excess fat you don't want and feel happy about your body instead of the painful slow "righteous" process of dieting and exercising? Is one morally superior to the other?

How many of us will jump at the opportunity to slim down our thunder thighs via plastic surgeries if we could afford it? instead of doing a million thigh toning exercises?

I don't have the answers. I'm not sure why it bothers me. What I do know is that, am not one to do anything that I don't feel 'moved" to do simply because everyone is doing it. I will continue to observe the evolution of social media while partaking in moderation to maintain my sanity. So for all my followers who've been asking.....NO  I don't have an instagram account. You can catch me on my blog or twitter [@mapetiteniche] for more informal interactions

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