Women's Health Workout DVD : Train for your Body Type

Today I have been feeling out of sync with my body. 
Everything feels very unbalanced.
If you are some one who is completely in-tuned with your body you'll understand what am talking about. I walked around the block several times to "shake off" the sense of uneasiness to no avail.
So I came back indoors to do a light work out hoping that I'll feel better
I love home DVD workouts. They are convenient and it feels like you have a personal trainer in your living room cheering you on. They are also good for guiding you through proper techniques so you don't get injured through bad form/posture. And sometimes, as much as you're motivated to workout at home, you need the company!

I also love that this dvd breaks down the workouts by body type. There are 3 types listed in the dvd and I usually click on the "Curvy"
option ^_^ . There is also an "athletic body" option but I feel like am between those 2 so my mood determines which workouts I will do. Since I wasn't feeling too well, I selected the curvy option. This has workouts for the whole week including a day of rest. It also includes an additional turbo charge routine if you're up for the challenge.
This DVD was produced in 2006 - 2007? Correct me if am wrong but it's still as practical today as it was back then. The beauty about exercising is that not much has changed about the founding principles such as the importance of cardio, weight training and stretching. Yes, health and wellness fads (diets, equipment, gears, classes), come and go but they are all the same fundamental basics that have been "repackaged" and "re-branded" for marketing purposes. 

Edition: The only notable thing worth updating in this dvd is that we (society 2016) now acknowledges that there are several body shapes and people should not be categorized into a limited option .

I definitely felt better after my light workout and plan to start using it and other dvds in my collection for additional workout options. 

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