An African City SEASON 2

God said ASK and you shalt receive

We whined. We begged. We summoned the spirits of our West African ancestors for Nana yaa's sake.

And the gods of our fore fathers have delivered.

AFRICAN CITY Season 2 is out . Here is the Link

Don't wait to pirate it online. Support your sisters and their production crews. Filming isn't free and neither should your entertainment be. Even you tube has wised up and has started promoting YouTube RED, a paid subscription. That's how Hulu started. When I was in college, Hulu was free! yo. But that was 7 years ago before our economy hit code blue.

It's only $20 and I know how much some of y'all spend on amazon or ebay or justfab or is it

Go watch it, so we can Giiiiiiiisssst! on twitter @mapetitenice

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