Expresso HD Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

By far the BEST indoor riding experience I have ever had!

This bike is amazing! especially for people who easily get bored with stationary bikes.
There's a reason why spinning instructors always try to come up with creative ways to keep people motivated in their classes. Riding a stationary bike can become pretty boring within minutes into the ride. 
With the expresso bike, the handle is steerable , allowing you to ride through many cool and interesting high definition trails, cities, school campuses and etc. There's also a  video game mode that allows you to play a variety of games as you ride along.

I love that the idea is to mimic real time outdoor riding including your occasional steep hills. You have to hold the handle bars and steer instead of your typical gym bikes where I see a lot of people just laying back reading a novel while biking with minimum effort. 

The only slight downside worth mentioning is how jarring to the senses the experience can be if you are not accustomed to HD screens especially if you're trying to ride, steer and stare at the glaring screen. It's something your senses eventually adjust to (Remember when 3-D movies first came out?).

Another bonus is that it's connected to the internet, allowing you to create an account and track your progress. You can log into your account from any expresso bike and continue your workout plan even if you're not in your home gym (great for travelers).And if like me, a little dose of competition is a positive reinforcement tool, you can compare your performance against other riders in your school,city, gym ,region and etc

I give this bike 2 thumbs up for bringing a great outdoor workout indoors especially for those of us who live in places where seasonal changes can sometimes make it difficult to workout outside.

I'm not a video tech person the quality isnt a good indicator of how great the visuals are

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