Mental Health 2016

For 2015 I spoke a lot about increasing my emphasis on Nutrition because at the end of the day...
 " You can't out exercise a bad diet"

Another component  I'm looking forward to incorporate in my healthy living journey is emphasis on mental health. Mental health encompasses everything. It goes hand in hand with exercising and nutrition. It accounts for why we have good or bad relationships with food. You cannot "fix" / change the negative lifestyle choice you've been making without addressing what triggers them?

Why do you respond to stress with food?
Why are you scared of exercising?
Why do you have an unhealthy relationship with your body.
Why do you Over-exercise
And etc

I'm not sure what my game plan is at the moment. I already read a lot of self help books and do things like yoga and meditation. All I know is , I want this to become a permanent routine. Right now its seasonal for me. I do a lot of yoga in the winter season because I have (self diagnosed myself with) Seasonal Affective Disorder. For all the winter stormy days of being stranded indoors, Yoga helps me stay clam and sane. I want to find a way to make this a regular routine, just like exercising at least 2-3 times a week is now my regular routine.

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