October 12, 2015

No Sugar Challenge - Take #2

I failed my first sugar challenge
*sad face*

The Issue - I was NOT prepared.

I didn't do my grocery shopping in time nor my homework.

So What Now? 

I'm giving it another go!
The initial challenge I had planned to participate in was with the YMCA for 21 days.

But, I have decided to broaden the scope and select from a wider range of challenges.
I want to start small with a 5 day challenge and work my way up to a 30 days challenge someday so it's not too overwhelming.

We are surrounded by so much sugar. It's in everything. This challenge is meant to "Flush", "Jump Start" "Cleanse" my system. It don't think its feasible nor healthy to 100% cut -off sugar. As I always say, everything in moderation.

Here are a couple of cool websites related to quitting sugar I will be using as resources and references

So, will you join me? :)

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