Fall Favorite Tag 2015

It's that time of the year again. Fall Favorite Tag. I don't

 know why I don't do more of these tags but here goes 


Favorite Candle Scent: Currently Blueberry just because 

that's what I am burning at the moment. I don't buy candle 

scents that I don't like.

Favorite Fall Makeup: This Lipstick from Hikari

Favorite Drink: Mighty Leaf Tea - Wild Berry Hibiscus

Favorite Thanksgiving Food : Pecan Pie!!!

Favorite Fall clothing accessory : My Ralph Lauren 

Gloves +5 years and still keeps me warm and cozy

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn 

 None but if I had to choose, a hay ride. I can always 

hijack the car and getaway  (^_-)  

Favorite Halloween movie? I hate scary movies

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? Kit Kat and 


New Book I discovered

What is your Favorite thing about Fall? Cuddling up in

 bed with a good book, music playing in the background, 

while its raining outside my window. 

Sugar Challenge Update

 I finally completed the sugar challenge. I will be doing more in the future and tweaking other restrictions I want to add to it such as carbs and etc

 What I learned in that short time.
  • Meal Prepping is extremely important to prevent making bad food choices.

  • Having ONLY healthy meals/snacks in your home is very important for those random midnight cravings. My only options where apples + cucumbers so I wasnt worried about reaching for something "bad" when I had an episode*.

  • Read labels! Once I started looking out for sugar and paying attention to the grams, it became evident why I workout so hard but cant seem to loose any weight. 

  • I randomly found this palm oil at a store.I thought the packaging and labels (USDA, ORGANIC, SUPERFOOD, NON-GMO) where interesting given that palm oil usually gets a bad rep as an unhealthy oil.

  • It seems like something is always being substituted to compensate for taking out something else. I was becoming paranoid. With some low fat products, yes, its low in fat but high in sugar to compensate for taste. Especially if you're not going for the "plain" options but want additional flavoring. I had to switch out some of my diary product including some brands of almond milk. I now use the unsweetened coconut blend. 

  • I had taken a sabbatical from the app "Lose It" but I am not only using it again but plan on buying the premium subscription. $40.00 a year is not a bad investment if you are serious about your health. The app has also been greatly improved over the years. Not only can you look up nutrition labels from every food imaginable but they have now added an exercise component to it. It collaborates with other health apps in the market such as Bp monitors, weight measures, Nike, MampMyRun etc. That way it gives you a complete break down of how much calories you're eating in a day and how much you are burning through your workouts.

As with most things, starting is the biggest issue. But once you get going, it becomes easy to maintain a routine. In the past I had all sorts of ridiculous excuses why I was still reaching out for white rice, white bread, white pasta and etc. In reality, I had no excuse! Taste is not even an issue. You can make equally delicious meals with whole wheat food. Restaurants now give you the options. The world wide web is full of millions of healthy recipes for whatever food items you have. It came down to sheer laziness and not enough information on the science behind nutrition.
This is an ongoing journey. I will make mistakes, learn form them and keep pushing on. The biggest difference I see now is the deliberate awareness I have for everything i eat. I think about my meals. I think about what nutritional value they will provide for my body. Or how they can potentially be harmful to me. In the past by dinner time, I couldn't even recall what I had for breakfast. Because I didn't care. Now, I can remember exactly what I ate at least 2-3 days down the line

No Sugar Challenge Day 1

Even though I was prepared for day 1, there were still unpredictable moments and temptations that I needed to work through.

Breakfast was easy since I typically have a simple meal anyways. Tea  with lemon, no sugar and a granular bar. Some of the sugar challenges say no granular bars, no carbs, no protein powder energy shakes at all. The one I ate (cant remember the brand at the moment) had raisins, and >1g of sugar per serving. It wasn't until later, that I concluded that perhaps I should also cut off granular bars.

For snacks I had green grapes and apples. I am okay with eating this because they are more sour than sweet. I will not be eating fruits that are on the sweet side such as banana, pineapples, mangoes and berries.
(Sample grocery list. Save Image and enlarge to see prints clearly)

Lunch was tricky because I ended up in a friend's home instead of mine. I was able to ransack her fridge and had a small amount of rice with vegetables and eggs. The only down side was the rice. It was white. But once again, I am okay with this on day one because this is all a new learning process for me. I don't want to be militant about it. I want it to be something that could perhaps transition into a full time lifestyle change. And if that's going to be the case, rice(brown) is going to be part of my equation. Another food item I will not be getting rid of is bread. I have heard and read a lot about the Ezekiel bread. I don't have it yet but will be making a run to my local wholefood to find it later on today. 

But I have also read that if you are gluten sensitive, avoid this bread.

For dinner  I had fish and an apple as a late night snack.

I will try to chronicle my meals but they may not necessarily become journal posts. So far I feel Okay.

 Please remember, I am not a nutritionist. My information is based on researching expert opinions in the field.

No Sugar Challenge - Take #2

I failed my first sugar challenge
*sad face*

The Issue - I was NOT prepared.

I didn't do my grocery shopping in time nor my homework.

So What Now? 

I'm giving it another go!
The initial challenge I had planned to participate in was with the YMCA for 21 days.

But, I have decided to broaden the scope and select from a wider range of challenges.
I want to start small with a 5 day challenge and work my way up to a 30 days challenge someday so it's not too overwhelming.

We are surrounded by so much sugar. It's in everything. This challenge is meant to "Flush", "Jump Start" "Cleanse" my system. It don't think its feasible nor healthy to 100% cut -off sugar. As I always say, everything in moderation.

Here are a couple of cool websites related to quitting sugar I will be using as resources and references

So, will you join me? :)

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