Fall in Love with Fall

....or if you're like me, 
cure your grumpiness of the new weather 
with a cup of black coffee pumpkin spice latte.

I can't believe it's getting darker really early and also getting colder.

Either way, Fall is here to stay. Along with the new season, I am experiencing a handful of "news" in my personal life. 

Bare with me as I transition into a new apartment with zero furniture and etc. I have no where to install my desk top at the moment. But that's not a priority right now because I haven't installed internet yet. Thank God for DVDs and Books from my local library. Those have been my source of entertainment during this time. 

What are we going to do when the world eventually decides to be 100% wireless?

My upcoming blog posts will be about a Sugar challenge and a Bare & Tone class am  currently taking.

Have a Bonne Week 

Summer 2015 Review : AQUA

This summer, more than before I spent way too much time around water. From pools to lakes, beaches and small ponds.

I was always either symbolically getting cleansed, metaphorically drowning my problems in the vastness of it all or coming to grips of how little my 1st world problems where compared to the world's.

I can't believe summer is over and it's "BACK TO SCHOOL" September.

As we move into Beautiful and Scenic FALL followed by a dreading winter, I will be holding on to these memories to keep me going until next time

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