Product Review : Bluedio Blue Tooth Headphones

I am one of those...."I need music to pump me up! through this workout" type of girl. But sometimes it gets tricky having headphones with cords connected to your cellphone or mp3 player while trying to perform a crazy routine. You either end up pulling the cords out of the jack or they come off your ears depending on what you are doing. Sometimes the cords are just in the way.

When I complained about working out by trying to follow the instructions on a YouTube video on my tablet, a coworker recommended  wireless headphones.

Like Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!

 He also specifically recommended this brand and I am so glad I followed through with it.

I love the Bluedio bluetooth headphones because it gets the job done.
I am not one to buy technology because of its aesthetics. I want the products I buy to just do their job, not look pretty.
For this headphones I only had 2 requirements.

1. Allow me to wirelessly connect to my tablet or phone and listen to audio sounds

2. Stay firm on my head while I perform jumping jacks and other plyometrics or yoga moves as I listen to the instructions coming through my device.

The headphones met all my requirements and surpassed them.

It was easy to configure and setup.

It was CHEAP = $24 on Ebay and Amazon

It looks pretty good if you care about aesthetics

The headband is adjustable to fit different head sizes

The sound system is pretty incredible. 

It comes with control buttons on the side that allows you to skip tracks if playing music  or other audio files

I don't know if it's marketed as a noise reduction product but I cant hear anything around me (distractions) when I put this on.
Perhaps my own volume is just too loud, but for the purposes of me being able to get my workouts done, I love it

So there you have it, this headphones gets the highly elusive mapetiteniche stamp of approval!

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