Powisett Farm

I went to Powisett Farm earlier this summer for work and it was an interesting experience to learn how crops like strawberries and etc are grown. We also did some farm work pulling out weed in a green house, picking eggs from the chicken house  and peeling corn kennels

The whole idea was to expose urban city kids to the concept of farms, eating fresh foods and understanding where your meals come from. In our current fast paced technology century, kids sincerely believe their meals come from the grocery store.

And if all they eat are fast foods, boxed meals and canned goods, they are "technically" not wrong. Our goal was to use this as an opportunity to have an open dialogue about eating healthy, eating fresh produce and understanding the basics of from farm to table.

The trip to the farm was courtesy of Eagle Eye Institute, a non profit organization based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Their goal is to educate urban youths about their environment and to promote awareness on all things nature related from plants to animals and advocacy

We also went on a hike around the Meadow Loop Trail and instructed them on how to identify plants such as poison ivy, how to read a map and how to lead a hike

My favorite part of the trip were picking strawberries, and looking at the pigs. It reminded me of Cameroon and my uncle's home where we raised pigs and chickens and had fresh eggs for breakfast. My least favourite part of the trip was pulling the weed out of the garden house and cleaning out the hen house. Farm work is hard! but agriculture is very important.

And if you don't already... 

Be Mindful of your carbon footprint on our environment

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