August 2, 2015

Picker - Upper : 8 Track Motivational Playlists

In a previous post a while back, I mentioned discovering 8 tracks and how much the playlists helped on long runs.

All these time, I thought 8 tracks was strictly about music. I didn't know you could look up other audio files on the app like church sermons, excerpts from books , motivational speeches, the sound of the rain..etc etc
Lately, I have been listening to A LOT of motivational speeches and playlists on 8 track. I listen to them while am working out, on the go, while am working, at home, cooking, lounging, journaling...just about every where. The great advantage to listening to other's playlist is, you get to discover new  ideas, new authors, new artists and new expressions.

I'm not a connoisseur on all the music apps out there on google play but this one works for me and I highly recommend it. The motivational playlists on 8 track have kept me in positive spirits as I go through some personal crises in my life at the moment

Leave a comment below or on my google+ or twitter handle if you want me to check out your play list.
I have never created one. My taste is too much of a rainbow to fit into one cohesive list

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