45 minutes Tabata Workout - High Intensity Total body Toning Interval Training

As mentioned in my previous post, yesterday was all about Tabata

The class was very intense and challenging! If puking up my lunch and slight dizziness where appropriate measures of how intense the class was, this one passed the mark.

Despite it's difficulties, I  love Tabata workouts because its a combination of a full body, high intensity, interval, toning regiment.

On Monday's class, some of the moves we performed included;

Burpees - Push Up Burpees and Star Burpees


Planks to PushUp variations

Jogging Up and Down 3 Flights of stairs

Mountain Climbers

Toe Taps

Squats with dumb bells

Squats with toe touches

Jumping Jacks

Torso Twist with free weights

and  many more...
(Disclaimer: This mirror makes me look skinnier than I truly am. I claim my thunder thighs wholeheartedly)

That is all my dizzy foggy mind could remember even though there was much more. 

Tabata workouts are done by performing 20 seconds of a high intensity exercise and 10 seconds of rest. The goal is to repeat the same exercise for 4 minutes. 

To get good results you have to push yourself to your maximum capacity for each 20 second interval. Since explosive workouts use fat (easily broken down into energy than carbs or proteins), the idea is that you will burn more fat in your body.

Good luck!

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