Spring showers lead to 2 piece beach wear body

      As much as I want to be shocked and disappointed at my lack of blog posts in May, in the grande scheme of things am ok with it. 

The over sharing culture of social media has made me loose taste in a lot, including blogging. I want to be the girl who doesn't have a clue on the fickle things going on around me because am too busy enjoying life and immersing in the experiences.

                                                Globe trotters

May has been a WILD and EXCITING month and I can't wait to continue the adventures in June.

          Where this a travel blog, it would have been filled with daily posts of my travels and justifications for falling off the "healthy habits" lifestyle.
Location: American Legion, Cambridge

Like most people on vacation "out of town",  healthy habit rules are thrown out of the window when you travel. 

                                 Location: Rhode Island
From pigging out at quirky restaurants, to sleepless nightlife escapades, I have put on 15+ lbs from being on the road for the most part of MAY.

                                                 Location: Dallas, Texas
My goal for June and before my next trip in July, is to lose that 15lbs and look justifiably good in a 2 piece swim suit.

Location: Back packing & camping at the Cardigan Mountains, New Hampshire

Unlike last year which had me doing outdoor yoga daily, this year's allergies season has wrecked havoc on my health. I will be doing 90% of my work outs in the gym with emphasis on the elliptical machines. My goal is to tone my quads, thighs, and gluts.

Lastly, I am learning to live in the moment and to value quality over quantity. I am working less and making sure my weekends are work free. I am also learning to understand the value of my academic accomplishments and work experience skills sets to negotiate favorable salaries. 

Petit à petitl'oiseau fait son nid

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