Vision Boards

This past weekend my fellow BGR ambassadors and I organized a vision board party for the Boston group. It was my first time taking part in this type of activity.

A vision board is basically an inspiration board of all the things you want to accomplish within a given time frame. I guess it could be synonymous to pin-interest. But I am not on pinterest so this works for me. What I like most about it is, the sky is the limit. You decide what you want to focus on.

Even though our general idea was on running  races/goals, I chose to focus on the nutrition aspect. As a long time athlete, I know I am capable of training to meet any physical demands related to running. Where I struggle is Nutrition. And we all know that when it comes to healthy living, its 20% exercise  and 80% nutrition. Therefor, no matter the training intensity, you can easily revert all that hard work by making poor nutrition choices.

This year I don't have any race goals. I will continue running and doing other fun fitness activities but with no goals in mind. I already have a race scheduled for Feb 1. I will sign up for races depending on my interest level and availability.

But when it comes to nutrition, I do want to get it under control.
Specifically my sugar, salt and carbs intake. Boom!

Speaking of food, my sister-inlaw got me this WONDERFUL - AMAZING Cheesecake for my birthday. And Yes It's already been devoured.....I did already confess to having a food problem #KanyeShrug

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