What's In My Bag

Runner's Bag Edition

Since this bag is primary used for running, its small and I don't necessary want to carry a lot of things in it

Probably my best goodie from the Black Girls Run conference in Atlanta earlier this year.
As my running distance continues to increase, I need to carry things like extra fluids and etc without causing any inconvenience to my running form.

This bag is just amazing for that. The size and inside compartments are perfect. I might do a separate in depth review of the bag if requested.

2. Water Bottle
To stay hydrated I fill my bottle with water or any electrolyte replenishing beverage such as powerade 

3. Lip Balm for chapped lips from dehydration or harsh winter weather

4. Body Butter Lotion.
Sometimes I run to a destination to perform another activity such as soccer. Winter makes my skin extremely dry and irritating. I keep moisturizing lotions in all my bags for when my skin starts itching from dryness.

5. Earphones
Because I need every motivation I can get and it allows me to multi-task. From taking phone calls, listening to music or an audible.
Speaking of Audibles, I am currently listening to "The Big Little Lies" by Lian Moriarty

6. Whistle
Because I teach Physical Education and I am a run ambassador.
People Obey the Whistle = They pay attention when I need them to.
I have never had to use it as an ER-tool to call for help in case my phone isnt working but I guess it can serve that purpose too. 

7. Arm Band 
For my cellphone, especially if am using an app or program as a training tool. I need to be able to access it on the go so I put the phone on my arm instead of inside the bag.

Not Featured

1. Heat Pads for winter

2. Winter Cap

3. Winter gloves

As we transition into colder climates, these items will find permanent domicile in my bag. Sometimes I start a run feeling extremely cold but it gradually becomes hot and having the bag helps me to put away the hat and gloves....vice versa; where perhaps 30-mins to 1 hr into a run temperatures drop and I have to put on some protective gear.

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