December 28, 2014

Things You'll Learn In Your 20s - Happy New Year 2015!

2015 is a kinny big deal year because I will be turning the 
BIG 3.0

The period of October through December has been a roller coaster emotional and reflective ride for me.

Now that I have finally  gained the upper footing and found some balance, here are 29 things I have learned since my inception

1. Failure is going to happened. Being the perfectionist that I am, its hard enough to admit it so let's just leave it at that

                                                Boarding School 1996

2. You will grow out of a lot of things. Example ; clubbing late + hangovers + unproductive gossip

3. You will eventually discover yourself and become UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU ^_^

4. You will have a weird but colorful resume of jobs.
So far in the 3 years I've been in Boston, I have had 7 Jobs.......Currently, I have one main job and 2 side hustles.
This period isnt just about discovering yourself but finding your gift* and career path.


5. Sisters from another mother aka separated at birth college friends will dwindle from party of 30 to the fab 5. And that is okay.

6. Be Selfish. Put YOU first. 

7. Explore the world. Whatever that means to you. The town next door, the country next door or just something as simple as going to a foreign restaurant in your town.

8. Be Audacious. What do you have to loose? Going back to #1. You are going to fail at something. So be comfortable taking risks especially if you are not tied down with responsibilities like kids 

9. Fall in love with yourself and develop a deep understand of what your moral compass and values mean. How do you expect to articulate that to others if you don't understand where you stand?

10. Start thinking about the type of future you want to have and what you need to do to achieve those dreams


11. Do cherish the friendships that weathered the dark storms of your life. Don't take them for granted and let them know you appreciate their support


12. STOP wasting your time and energy on unproductive, negative interactions/relationships.

                                                                               GSU ASA

13. SPEAK BOLDLY what is in your heart. Get comfortable telling people EXACTLY what you want. Whether its stating that a pay grade is unacceptable or not tolerating inappropriate behavior in a relationship; become vocal about your needs and expectations.
                                  Valentine's Day Buckhead, Atlanta

14. Learn to say NO when needed,without guilt ;understanding that you don't have to explain or justify it.

15. Stand firm in your conviction because society , your friends and family will have doubts, try to discourage you, before they eventually embrace your ideas.

16. Don't live beyond your means. Handle your finances with care if you want life to be easier in the long run. 

17. Give yourself a break. Have mercy on your body and mind. REST when needed. Live to fight another day.

 Undergraduate days 

18. Word of the quarter century life = STREAMLINE
Say no to thunder thighs,muffin tops, and unhealthy behaviors. You'll realize that your metabolism isnt like when you where 15.

20. QUALITY over Quantity in every aspect of your life. Gone are the days of 3000 Facebook friends. My rule of thumb for Facebook became, if I don't have your phone number, email or whatsup contact info, we are not friends.

                                                   Miss Africa USA, Maryland

21. To expand of #21, choose to work part time for a bigger pay than slaving for minimum wage. Its all about time management. You are better off spending the rest of your part time improving yourself be either taking classes or just enjoying your hobbies

22. Comparison is the thief of joy. Try not to compare yourself with your college mates. Yes everyone but you seems to be married with 2.5 kids and moving into their dream homes. Focus on your journey and dreams.
                                                   College Halloween Party

23.  You may have to kiss several frogs before meeting mister Right. Don't be pressured into settling for less than what YOU want.

24. Forgive Yourself. Stop Looking back at your past mistakes. Its Okay to move on. Just like anyone else you are HUMAN

26.Have an emergency funds savings account. You are replaceable in a moments notice in corporate america.

27. Know that not everyone is going to meet the expectations you've placed on them. Therefor set realistic expectations but also be prepared to be disappointed with broken promises.

28. PROTECT YOUR JOY. This may mean losing some friends and family members but that's okay because without you're sanity you cannot be the director of your life

29. HAVE FUN!!!!!
Jamaica 2011

Honestly when I look back at my life and some of the definitely brings a smile on my face.
 So many fun memories and no regrets.

Where there periods of headache? 
Yes of course! but the good times definitely out weight the bad . You have to make a conscious choice. 
Do you want to hold on to bad memories or the good ones?

Cheers to everyone blessed to see the new year. 
I intend to keep having fun and making more memorable memories with my friends and families.

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