August 18, 2014

Summer Favorites 2014

I didn't want to put this in the update post for fear of making it too long.

Here are the things I have been enjoying this summer.

1. V8
but not straight up. I have been mixing it with other juices to tone down the tomato flavour.
It's funny. I love raw tomatoes in salads or sandwiches but its a little over bearing in the V8 drinks.

2. Remember this ?

Not only did I love it but my dad basically hijacked the vanilla one and used it all up.
Am almost done using the chocolate version and will be looking into purchasing another soy protein powder

3. Shoes
New Balance vs NIKE
To inspire me to get back into running, I bought some new fitness apparels and gears.
The Nike shoes are a size bigger but the cheap sales tag made me rationalize the purchase :)

4. Gastronomy
I have developed an obsession for marshmallows.
Maybe its because they are tender on my sensitive teeth or they are a great to-go, non messy, healthy snack. Its hard to restrain yourself to just one. They are definitely my summer guilty pleasures.
Hmmmm now I wonder if they are responsible for my weight gain.

(bonfire and smores at George's Island)
Post workout brunch for the BGR Jamaican Plains meet & greet

5. Products
One of the reasons I love shopping at TJMaxx is because you get to see a variety of products from so many different brands.
Am always willing to try something new and so far, I've yet to have a serious adverse reaction to any products from Tj Maxx.

HUGO Naturals shower gel and lotion (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Multivites Gummy Multivitamins
Home & Body Essentials Vanilla (with Jojoba oil) Massage oil

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