World Cup 2014 Update : Álvaro Pereira head Injury

I'm not sure if he should be given the award for most passionate player or most irresponsible player of this world cup.

Image from the guardian

Or may be the second award should go to both the fifa regulations committee and the Uruguay coaching staff.

How do you allow a player to keep playing after he has been knocked out unconscious?!

How many players have died from sudden death syndrome and etc?
What's the point of having a sports medicine staff on the team?

Regardless of how Periera felt about his ability to keep playing, the coach should have pulled him off the field. The Fifa referee should have kept him off the field. The Fifa officials who were present in the game should have made sure the Uruguay management team kept him off the field until he received proper medical attention.

I can't even imagine the horror if things would have gone down hill after he continued playing.

That was a big irresponsible gamble by all parties involved.

 No world cup trophy is worth a player's life!

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