Les Solutionneurs 2014 - A Social Entrepreneur Competition

I love what Olivia and Harambe are doing for Cameroon's social entrepreneur scene.

I also love the networking opportunities that the Cameroon professional society is providing for those living abroad.
When I read that CPS was collaborating with this year's social entrepreneur contest hosted by Harambe Cameroon , I had to help spread the news. 

Also I have a lot of readers who currently reside in Cameroon.
I'm rooting for you guys. I hope one of you decides to apply and rise up to the challenge.

(Send your forms back by May 15 )

This is the time of year when Harambe challenges you to identify relevant problems and propose solutions to them.  
We are in our 5th edition of the Solutionneurs' annual Competition. This time, we have several awards for those who dare to "Think Innovatively, Act Locally, and Connect Globally." 
The following prizes are offered
1. The 2014 National Solutionneurs' Award  (250,000 FCFA cash prize + legalization of your project + exposure of your products/services at the Harambe Cameroon booth in PROMOTE2014 + 6 months of business coaching) 
2. The CPS-Harambe Innovation Prize (250,000 F CFA cash prize + Mentoring with entrepreneurs in the United States and Cameroon) 
3 The Dickinson-Harambe Yaoundé Business Award (250,000F CFA  cash prize + American business interns to work with your project team on your project)
 ********* SPREAD THE WORD *********** 
The 2013 competition revealed many young Cameroonian "Solutionneurs" from Ngaoundéré, Douala, Buea, Yaoundé, to Bamenda:

  *** Stay informed instantaneously-
Become a 2014 Harambe Solutionneur. 
*** Transforming our problems into Opportunities ! ***
(Send your forms back to us by May 15 )

MAY 2014 Instagram Fitness Challenges

Spring is here!!!

It's time to start working on sculpturing those beach bodies.

Here are the instagram fitness challenges I have been doing for the month.

As usual, I love Shauna's Sweat A Day daily exercise suggestions.

 As for yoga, I don't practice the poses daily but do a combination of 3 -5 days worth of poses as part of my work out routine for a day. I alternate between the Healthy Happy Yogi challenge and the Fitfluential 

Lastly let's not forget the girls from Tone It Up.

I've been following them for years.
Imagine my surprise to see them have a show on Bravo Tv.
Given today's job market, so many people are turning to social media to create jobs for themselves.
They are a good example of chasing your passion and doing what makes you happy no matter the returns.

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