Fufu and Oreo : ImprovBoston Comedy Lab

Skip the club scene and head out for a different kind of fun night with boston's comedy lab. With all the buzz about the Fufu and Oreo play, some friends and I decided to check it out.

I wasn't sure what to expect. Typically, I don't like comedies because I don't "get" the humor. And there's nothing more annoying than having everyone laughing while you're stuck figuring out the joke.

The venue ( close to central square -red line) is proportionally  sized for an intimate crowd. The comedians interacted with the crowd and made them part of the plot/storytelling.

Fufu and Oreos was hilarious.  I completely identified with Obehi the actress and comedian. From being the only black girl in yoga class, wrapping your natural hair before gym time and learning how to cook fufu . Obehi uses comedy to talk about the identity crises 2nd generation young immigrants face. My friends and I spent the later part of the night at Middle Eastern (around the block), dissecting the play and some of the social issues mentioned.

The comedy lab has a rotating schedule of shows with discount tickets for students. 
Stop by and have a night of laughter with your friends.

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