TRX Class Review

I love YMCAs and all the perks that come with being a member. However, the membership fees can be pricey. If you are not going to be using the pool + sauna + daycare, locker room and etc, it may not be budget friendly.

Last month, I attended a health fair and received lots of goodies. One was a 2 week pass to the YMCA in my neighborhood. I decided to tryout the different classes they had to offer. I tried to take classes outside my comfort zone or those I  had never experienced like TRX, martial arts and etc.

Here is my review of the TRX class.

The instructor was very nice and welcoming to new members. He did not seem "intimidating" and actually approached me because he could tell I was a "newbie". He showed us how to work the ropes . He also showed us some of the basic/common poses before the class started. I think it helped that I arrived about 15 mins early to get familiarized with the equipment (Every newbie in any program should do this).

We alternated between TRX and plyometrics cardio.
The poses where not so challenging but working/controlling the ropes made it more difficult. I loved how the exercises worked on a variety of muscles at the same time. As I type this, I envision crawling out of bed in pain the next day.

Nevertheless, I loved it so much, am signing up with the Y.
It was the last blow that shattered my reluctance to become a YMCA member. No matter your fitness level, any one can benefit from having access to a variety of classes and fitness programs.
I love running but sometimes its nice to spice things up.
I also already have free access to a gym but its 1 mirrored room with limited cardio machines and free weights. When it comes to perks and having a sense of community,  nothing beats a sports club house.

Sometimes, the issue with group fitness classes,isnt so much the class but the instructor and what kind of  "environment" they create for students. Some instructors ignore beginners and focus only on the "pros". Or they are not "in tune" with the different personalities in the room to figure out that the "boot camp drill sergeant" role doesn't work for everyone. 

In other studios, participants are busy trying to "compete" or "show off" on one another that it creates an intimidating environment for new members.

As my 2 weeks access to the Y rounds up, I have had nothing but a ++++++ experience and its definitely helped solidify my choice to join the club.

I can't wait to go back to TRX class next week.

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