March 26, 2014

Giving Back in a New York minute - FACEAFRICA

We can all agree that there are way too many non-profit and "AID" organisations in Africa.

 This is not to discredit the good intentions of these organizations but I'm for the believe that some of these non-profits need to be consolidated. With the staggering numbers, and sometimes lack of transparency,  individuals who truly want to help become skeptical about which organizations to trust.

FACE Africa is one of the exceptions in the market.

Follow Saran (the founder of FACE Africa) and her team through their social media platforms, on site in Africa, as they go about completing one project after another while engaging prospective communities.


Here is the link to the website about the organisation

This is not a "side gig" she is running while maintaining full time employment in another career. This is all she does. Splitting her time between Africa, the US and other continents to talk about clean water and empowering women entrepreneurs.

It was her hands on nature, getting down and dirty with her projects, that made me curious about FACE Africa.
 I cannot tell you how many people lead non-profit organizations to help a particular region in Africa but they have never been to the continent! 

Yes financial donations help buts its much more than that.

I became interested in FACE Africa water projects because it brought back memories (1990s) of my dad doing water projects in Cameroon with CARE international. 

So I decided to volunteer for the 2014 WASH GALA in New York last weekend.

We all can't be CEOs.  Everyone has a role to play.

 Donate/volunteer your

- Time
- Skills
- Ideas
- Mentorship
- Partnerships
- Networks

Are your intentions at the end of the day to serve the community?

 I implore you all to first find an organization you can work with before embarking on the journey of creating a new one in an already over saturated sector.


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