Dealing with Saddle Sore (Butt Pain) from Cycling/Spinning Class

I guess everything has its advantages and disadvantages....

With running, I worried about my cardiovascular endurance. My lungs get tired way ahead of my strong and muscular thighs/feet. Pain wise, I worried about the effects of pounding the pavement on my joints (knees & feet& ankle)

But with way too preoccupied with butt pain! to focus on my cadence.

Cadence = Resistance(gear) X speed of pedaling

I've tried different stationary bikes in the market. There seems to be a lack of improvement in the seat design of an upright gym bike. I understand that with a personal bike, you can switch out your saddle to get something more personalized to your body and etc, but what to do if you bike indoors? I don't like recumbent bikes. It doesn't "feel" like am getting a proper workout when am leaning back in the "chair".

Based on my limited experience, here's what has worked for me

1. Form - I alternate between crouching down and being upright. Make sure you are not sitting too low or too high on the sit or slouched in the sit.

2. Fitness level. Your pain tolerance should get better over time as your butt becomes more firm and legs stronger.Same mechanism of adaptation as with all muscles.

3. Alternate with pedal standing periodically
Also alternate the gear/resistance and cadence to make it easier on your feet.

4. Creams for the sore area and chaffing...I use good old Vaseline...a lot of it... and rub it on my inner thighs and etc...I do the same thing for long runs to prevent bruising. There are a variety of creams in the market depending on the severity of your condition. I've never used them because vaseline has always worked for me. Its cheap, simple ingredients and viola....

5. Perform target Exercise to strengthen gluteal region *(will be doing a post specifically on this topic)

6. Apparel
Invest in proper wear.Buy pants with butt pads for cushioning.


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