The Struggle: Eating Healthy versus Exercising

Like most runners, I save my long runs for the weekend.  Its a great strategy if you're not working because you can spend the rest of the day coach surfing in recovery.

I tried going for a long run today but failed. I only did 4 miles then started a new workout on map my run (Power walking).Power walks help when am distracted by mental cobwebs.

People assume that those who work in  the exercise industry don't have body weight struggles and issues.We do.
I struggle with my weight. I struggle with my eating habits. 
I struggle with getting motivated to workout.
I have days that running a mile feels impossible.

I wish I was one of those people who loose their appetite and consequently loose weight because of stress. 
Am the opposite.
 I stress I eat. Even things I hate or am allergic to.
Some of the things am struggling with lately is the lack of change in my body despite how hard I think am working.

I spent 365 days outside a gym doing all sorts of workouts.

This year am going back to the gym.

I cant wait to start trying out new weight lifting workout routines to help sculpture my thighs.

What do YOU struggle with? Eating Healthy or Exercising? Or Both?

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