New Year 2014 Fitness resolutions

It's that time of the year - AGAIN

New Year = The New-ER.......Fitt-ER.....Healthi-ER YOU.

Good for you but before you spend the reminder of the year watching your hard earned $$$ flush down the drain because of weight loss gimmicks consider the following.

1. The Fancy Gym Membership $$$$$

It includes swimming pools, saunas, tanning booths, wifi, locker rooms and  a cafe to get a to go all vegan all natural gluten free super shake.

Unless you plan to use ALL the amenities it has to offer, don't sign up for them.

- Go to a gym that has the basics at a lower cost $10-$20 /month. Yes they exist. And most are opened 24/7

-Sign up for a class that's held about 3 times a week and manage your fitness outside the gym like running or doing plyometrics at home. Change classes as your needs and interests change without the commitment of a gym membership

- Join a local community sports club team. You get to have fun while working out and meeting new people.

- Do a gym membership or class trial package. If you can't go when its free you will not be going just because you are paying for it.

2. The abs machines and Co
You know what am talking about. The 3 am commercials you see on tv when there's nothing good to watch. Don't buy them. 

90% are false advertisement......

....I digress....make that 99%.

If there's one thing that's true about exercise and life in general its that....YOU have to DO THE WORK.

No machine is going to magically give you abs.

The models in the commercials had been prepping for months before that video shoot. They did not get their abs with the machines they are demonstrating. They've been working out and eating right before that "job".

3. Time
I don't believe in 5 minutes workouts. No matter what the magazines tell you.
A 5 minutes stretch? Yes. A workout? No.
If you're not sweating, if your muscles are not converting fat into energy for use, if your cardiovascular system is not under a slight strain, its not a workout.

If you want it bad enough, make the time for it. 

30 mins at least 3 times a week.

4. Pills.
Be careful with them. 
Most are not FDA approved.
And once again you still have to do the work. 
No amount of appetite curving pill is going to help you if you're still making wrong food choices.
Performance pills give you extra energy so that you can DO MORE WORK. See? You still have to do the work.

And if you don't what ends up happening is you have a build up of all these chemicals that was suppose to have been converted into energy and be used in your work out but now its stuck in your body and has to go somewhere.....and that, madame et monsieur is how some side effects are born.

The moral of the post?
As you hunt for gym memberships or browse the juice smoothie blender aisle at Target, or the supplements counter at GNC remember there are no shortcuts to "permanent" results.

You have to Do the Work.
Don't be penny wise, pound foolish.

Happy New Year and bon courage on all your resolutions.

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