Birthday + Reflections of 2013

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Cheers to being 1 year older but feeling 10 years younger.

Every now and then I find myself panicking that there's still a lot I want to do but time is against me. I use my age to gauge the feasibility of accomplishing my goals. This is a common conversation among my female friends especially those of us who are not yet "married" or have kids.

But then I noticed something. I have similar conversations with my male friends. We talk about the same goals but the subject of age/marriage never comes up with them. I guess because the reality is, a 40 year old man can always marry a 25yrs old girl  and start a family with her after he's dedicated the first part of his life following his career ambitions and etc....

However it seems women are indirectly "punished" (how society responses to them) for making the same choices.

2013 was all about researching, planning routes A-B-C-D-E. Now its time to execute those plans.

                          My word for 2014 is Action

                      My motto for 2014 " Its not by force"

         My attitude for 2014 is "Kanye Shrug"...and I don;t even like the guy

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