Yoga A day for December 2013

I can't believe its already December and 15 days to Christmas. Last year I worked all through the holidays but am hoping to take a break this time around.

 I'm also proud that in 21 days I can say I was able to maintain my 2013 new year resolution of staying fit without having a gym membership.

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it will be. 

Boston has a great fitness culture that includes exercise groups and other free fitness activities hosted by the city (Fitness in the city program at city hall plaza, Fanueil Hall, Hyde Park and YMCAs) or organizations/Clubs such as the  Fitness meet up groups, November project, black girls run - Boston and etc.

 It was also a great way for me to use city parks and other exercise infrastructures accessible to the public for free. 

Being active on social media and taking part in monthly fitness challenges was another way to spice up my work out routines. Some of my favourite challenges this year are #SweatADay  #PlankingwithAdura  #SimpleGreenSmoothies #YogaADay

One of the things I tried to work on towards the end of the year was nutrition. Exercise comes easy for me but food restraint is a huge challenge. Am still having difficulties and working with that. My biggest challenge has been living with others who don't exactly share my passion for healthy eating. Its difficult to eat healthy if you are surrounded with and have access to unhealthy options at home.

Midnight cravings or coming home starving after work are the moments when I have the least control and will reach out for whatever is available in the kitchen. If I had total control of the contents in the kitchen, I will only stock up healthy food choices. That way, no matter what time of the day it is, am always eating something that's good for my body.

 I haven't reflected on what I want to accomplish for 2014 ( I do that in January during my birthday week), but I think learning more healthy recipes will be on the list. Perhaps even learning to get into the routine of doing meal preps. For the reminder of December, am taking part in a yoga a day challenge called  December Bendy yoga. You can find many of these exercise challenges on instagram or pinterest.

 Let's end the year with the same rigor and resolve with which we started it.

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