AIB at Bourbon Coffee House - Book Discussion and Signing

Africans In Boston played host to African- born author S. A . Abakwue for a discussion of his most recent projects; Heavens at War and Boko Harem.

Heavens at War is a fictional religious narrative while Boko Harem is a collection of Poems. I thought it was interesting that he choose to use the name of a northern Nigeria terrorist group. Boko Harem is against western education and is known for attacking schools and christian churches.

Some of the discussion topics where

- Challenges faced by African authors to get their works published

- Africans telling the African narrative and how that perspective differs from the western point of view

- Boko Harem and its influence in Nigeria. Who is really behind the terrorist group

- Why we need more African Authors. Similar to the lack of good black shows and movies in american TV, African kids should be reading books fictions and non fictions about characters and environments that they can relate to. The reason most of us loved authors like Chinua Achebe was because we could identify with the characters in his novels. We were familiar with the backdrops of his novels. They were relate-able.

Bourbon Coffee
I didnt get a chance to look at the whole coffee shop but from the little I saw, I loved it. I plan on going back for a proper sit down and enjoy coffee date. Perhaps then, I can write a review about it. Bourbon Coffee is a Rwanda international brand that has stores in Cambridge, D.C , New York and Kigali (Rwanda).

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