Here's what I've been loving or doing  this fall.

1. Eating well instead of exercising more because am recovering from a whole bunch of injuries + wears/tears

2. Trying to figure out where my money is GOING by reading books about money management and finding apps (MINT) that can help me.

3. Face Masks. I'm now crazy about them after trying the samples I received in my September Ipsy Glam Bag
 4.  If FALL was a human and had a middle name, it will be called T.E.A 
I've been loving the Earl Grey flavour from the Lipton Brand. Not because it keeps me awake but because it seems to do wonders than sleeping pills in its ability to KNOCK ME OUT and send me to sleep instantly. I've yet to finish a cup because am always asleep half way through.

Also a new discovery for me because it was a wedding party favour

 Organic Rooibos Tea - The Republic of Tea (South Africa)

I use to think summer was my favourite season but FALL in New England is very beautiful and Romantic. Last year I was busy being too depressed and homesick to enjoy it. This time around, am going apple picking, tea tasting and doing all the traditional new England fall must-do activities.

Apologies for the lack of consistent blog posts. I guess being too busy in the real world to blog is a good excuse right?

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