Why BMI doesnt always work

Recently, I went for a routine yearly physical provided by my insurance with no copay. I usually take advantage of this time to get everything checked out because outside of that, I rarely visit the doctor's office.

After all my exams, the physician came in to have a word with me. It wasn't t my regular doctor but someone new. She proceeded to say I was obese and recommended exercise. I was trying really hard to stifle a giggle because as an exercise physiologist, I knew she was wrong.

In her attempt to rush in and out, she made no effort to have a conversation with me (very typical of healthcare workers these days). Had she done that she would have realized I was an athlete with really muscular thighs and BMI is not a good indicator for a healthy body weight in my case.

Body Mass Index is a number calculation based on your Weight and Height.
Its been known to be wrong because it does not take into account several components.
2. Age
3. % Body Fat versus % Muscle Mass versus % Bone density

Other methods that can be a better indicator of your body weight health status are the skin fold test and under water weighing. There are more that use X-rays and etc but there are usually more expensive and not quite necessary.

I place BMI in the same category as using a weight scale. Don't.


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