How to end the year + Fitness Inspiration from C.J. Senter

I just realized we have only 4 months till the end of 2013.
 I've maintained most of my new year resolutions but looking for a way to end the year on a good note.

I'm thinking, maybe sign up and train for another half marathon? Perhaps beat my PR?

Or embark on some other fitness related challenge.

I'm not quite sure yet. I believe there's something rewarding about ending the year on a good note no matter how it may have started.

Because as we all know, its not how you start but how you finish...that you finished and never quit, that matters.

Fitness Inspiration :  C.J. Senter

This kid is amazing. I wonder if there are any side effects for training so hard at such a young age.
Will have to research on that because I do believe in moderation in all that you do.

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