Milestone POD - Track your Running Shoe's lifetime

When my phone's running app started acting up, it was time to shop around for a new method of logging my miles.

I also decided that perhaps it was time to buy a gps garmin watch. The problem with that thought process is, Garmin gps watches are not generally cheap. During my research, I came across Milestone POD, a sensor device that logs in miles for your running shoes. Allowing the athlete to know when you change your shoes to avoid injury.

Here is what the website says about the product;

Passively track the mileage on your running shoes so they can be 

replaced at the correct mileage; not too soon (wasting valuable 

tread) and not too late (potentially causing injury).


Even though the idea is to log in your miles so you know when to change your running shoes, it can be used as a fitness gadget to record miles ran.

For the price of $15, it seems to have more advantages than short comings. The projected date of release for the Milestone into retail outlets is September 2013. For the moment, one can pre-order the product from their website . I'm looking forward to purchasing and trying this device in the future.

The device has many specifics but here are some notable ones that drew my interest.

- It cheap $

- It has a USB drive that allows you to connect it to a computer and in put your medical and health history. Which will become very useful to an emergency team in case you get hurt while running.

- You can input a target mile goal or you can just let it log your miles.

- Because its lightweight, water resistant and clips on your shoe lace, you can leave it on the shoes. That reduces the chances of forgetting to take it with you on a run.

The only short coming that comes to mind at the moment, is that the device doesn't seem to have a gps tracker . In the sense that you cannot get a map of your running trail and etc.

I look forward to trying out this device to see if it lives up to the hype, or if I need to start saving for a garmin watch.

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